Launching the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

by Tierre Taylor | | 8 comments

I'm grateful to so many people for helping me get my online shop running. Thanks to each of you who supported me and urged me to keep going. I could not have done this without your support and encouragement.

My spring/summer 2015 collection, inspired by the impressive characteristics of hand-woven Panama straw, was born from a desire to create unique, classic silhouettes that are easy to wear casually as well as dressy street styles. I’ve streamlined these designs to make them modern and current.
It’s a light and playful time of year, full of color and beauty. I wanted to celebrate the season, literally, through the floral headpieces. There is nothing quite like flowers to create a sense of awe and wonder.  

Please share your thoughts about the collection. It's exciting for me to see where my hats live, so please send photos of hats you've bought and how you’ve paired these with your lovely outfits.
Best, from Tierre

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